Lesson 3b : Exponents of Exponents

This lesson is not taught at this time.

It’s included on this web site, because some of the students run into this formula during the online exercises. (x^y)z = x^(y*z)

example (5^2)^3 = 5^2*3

Explore: Online exercises! (15 minutes)

Go to http://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra/exponents-radicals/e/exponent_rules

And start doing the exercises online. Click for the hint/step if you don’t understand, and ask your teacher questions. Write down what you think the rule is.

Exponent expression to a power is not part of this lesson, but part of the exercise. to learn more about this see this video:

thus (x^y)z = x^(y*z)

Continue until you are done with the Khan academy exercises – or your teacher tells you to shift gears. We will spend only a set amount of time on this exercise – about 15 minutes.
Remember, do this for your learning – do not cheat. You need to understand the steps.