Reflections on this web site

Initially, I created this web site to respond to the need to present the material for my students in a convenient way. My first two lessons were on under an easy URL Soon (the same day) it became apparent that I would be spending much more time teaching, and need arose for me to be able to present an easy way for students to access the material. Thus was born inspired by my students who started to call me Professor T. My last name is not easy to pronouce and I have lots of education. That’s where it comes from.

This web site became a hub to collect my lesson plans, relevant links and materials for my students to review. (and for my professors review them also) It also became a two way communication methods, to respect the modern times and evolution of educational systems in the modern times.

I think this web site is very functional and serves the purpose well: Material is well structured and presented clearly. Lessons and exercises are online so students can review them at their own pace. Different modalities and ways to acquire knowledge are used in the lessons. I would like it to be even more radically interactive and exciting, but given what I needed to work with, I think this web site is a success. And the success is in students learning which is a fulfillment to all of us that teach.


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