About this web site

Eero Tunkelo, Professor T

Eero Tunkelo, Professor T

This web site emerged out of need to have one place for materials for my students.

Quick introduction:

Eero Tunkelo a.k.a. Arrow a.k.a. Mr. T a.k.a. Professor T is, besides being a man of many nicknames, a teaching professional with experience ranging from military training, corporate training and executive coaching to teaching secondary school mathematics.

The unique combination of teaching experience is complemented by M.A. Educational Innovation, MBA in sustainable business, B.S. in Mathematics, B.A. in Interdisciplinary studies and a graduate degree in Coaching and Training.

This web site is dedicated to teaching, and it is inspired by Fairfield High School students who gave the “Professor T” name. Professor is used under the definition of “he who parts knowledge” as defined by one well recognized web dictionary.

Currently this site serves the high school level mathematics students.

Thanks, it’s been really fun to teach math in your class!

Ps. The main menu tabs represent the five fundamentals of teaching. Here’s a quick interpretation:

  • Receptivity = About Us, relationship between reader and writer -> openness to learn
  • Intelligence = Blog with latest thougths -> Ability to discriminate and decide
  • Knowledge = Curriculum -> Content for students to learn
  • Experience = Theory of Teaching -> The way we teach and learn
  • Expression = list of articles, papers and presentations related to the topic. -> more elaboration and ownership of knowledge
  • Self-referral = reflection on the portfolio -> the first and foremost principle of teaching.