Semester design

Course on Elementary Algebra for High School (Semester)

Patterns, equations and lines

Broad goals for for this semester year are…

  • to provide students with the knowledge to understand basic concepts of algebraic equations and their properties.
  • to provide students with the skills to represent problems in algebraic equations.
  • to provide students with the knowledge to understand the relationship between a linear equation and its graph.
  • to provide students with the skills to represent points and lines in a plane.
  • to learn and use algebra in context of its practical applications, including in the area of personal finances.

By the end of the semester, the students will be able to …

  • gather, present and analyze data
  • correlate two sets of data
  • use linear regression capabilities of a graphical calculator
  • master algebra of first degree equations
  • master coordinate geometry of straight lines

A unit by unit semester plan

Unit 1: Turning Facts into Ideas – single variable Algebra

1      Data
2      Finding the Mean
3      Displaying Data by Grouping
4      Another Center: Median
5      Boxplot
6      Deviation
7      Standard Deviation
8      Projects

Unit 2: Hello, Algebra. Welcome.

1      Abbreviations All Around Us
2      Algebra is Abbreviations
3      Laws of Algebra
4      Solving Equations
5      A New Pattern
6      Growth and Scientific Notion
7      Working With Exponents

Unit 3: Algebra of Straight Lines.

1      Coordinate Systems
2      Plotting Sets of Points
3      Straightness
4      Exploring Lines With a Graphing Calculator
5      Lines That Do Not Go Through (0,0)
6      Two Points Determine a Line

Unit 4: Graphical Estimation.

1      Graphs Versus Tables
2      Least-Squares Lines: Lines Replacing Points
3      Least-Squares Lines on a Graphing Calculator
4      Forecasting