Samples of my curricula:

Semester Design – an overview of a semester long 9th-12th grade Elementary Algebra course. Includes four units.

Unit Design – a month long unit, a four week unit design on Elementary Algebra: The Algebra of Straight Lines. Includes summary and essential components.

One Week plan – a series of lessons on Algebra of Exponents

Individual Lessons – single period lessons from Algebra and Geometry classes for 9th through 12th grade.

  1. Geometric Transformations presented in context of movie Transformers.
  2. Algebra of exponentsZero and Negative Exponents (2 lessons)
  3. Algebra of exponentsScientific Notation
  4. Algebra of exponentsMultiplying Powers With the Same Base
  5. Algebra of exponentsExponents of Exponents
  6. Algebra of exponentsDivision Properties of Exponents
  7. Understanding vertex-edge graphs
  8. Applying vertex-edge graphs to represent real-life situations and to solve real-life problems

Check out the standards that this curriculum follows.